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Are you ready to start your journey?

Start your journey to wholeness today.  Join us on the monthly Gathering call to hear what others are comprehending and experiencing about the changes that are occurring to all of us.  It is in the speaking of our experience that we truly integrate it into our own Being.
The Institute is presently on its journey of transformation.  For Fall 2019, we have chosen to offer one program a month – The monthly Gathering.    Our time and focus is instead on creating for 2020 and beyond. We are imagining and developing the programs, courses and events that will best support you on your journey to being whom you came here to BE.  Look for our new programs and events to be announced in January 2020. 

September 28, 2019

The Institute’s September Gathering
Date & Time: September 28, 2019, 8:00amPT

Cost: FREE!

The monthly Gathering is the new name for Fireside Chat.  The call has the same function – to give a time and space for Advocates, Spiral Members and friends to share what they are present to, what they have heard, comprehended and experienced.  This time together is priceless as we listen and share with one another.  
In September, the Advocates will lead a discussion of what participants are experiencing as they allowed themselves to dwell in the inner quiet of their Spirits.  What occurred?  What did your body tell you?  Your Spirit?  What of the imaginings that arose?  
 Saturday, September 28th
8:00 am PT
This is a 90 minute Zoom call and it is FREE.

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