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Language of Creation Course

The Language of Creation

Online Webinar

The Institute has closed any Language of Creation Courses at this time to write the second level of consciousness book about who you are as a unique and essential aspect of Creation-Mind of Creation. We are very excited and hope in the meantime, you will join the Fireside Chats and Tools to Thrive.    Please click More Details to investigate more thoroughly who you are as the Langauge of Creation.

Tantra Maat

The Language of Creation is a dynamic program for re-formatting HOW you think; to create the life you want

You will learn how to use four of the Creation Templates and be given a deep insight into the science behind them.

90 Day Spring 2019 3

The 90 Day Creation Project Spring 2019
When: March 20, 2019  – June 17, 2019
Cost: FREE

What is the 90 Day Creation Project?

The Creation Exercises are an alchemical tool designed to help you manifest that which you crave for your life.  We find that the regular writing of the creation exercises is the most powerful way to move into the life that you crave.  When you register, you are commiting to write either a Craving exercise or an Observing exercises on a regular basis.  You decide what the parameters of that commitment are – how often in a week, when during the day and where.  Each of us finds the time of day and the place to write that keeps us in the regular practice of writing our creation exercises.

We, as a collective, in our own time and way, publicly or privately, are joining together to write the creation exercises from the Language of Creation for 90 days.  There is a a Facebook page, Generating Realities, where members can share their Creation Exercises, their experiences and their questions.

You can start this project at any time within published dates.

June 19, 2019


Tools to Thrive: 

Date & Time: June 19, 2019 at 5:30 pmPT – 6:30pmPT

Cost: $21!

Do you know yourself as a field being?  What does that mean, anyway? How does that factor into a sense of self, of identity?  And what does spiritual hygiene have to do with boundaries, being a field being, identity, and partnering with those who are traveling to sacred communities?  What does any of this have to do with improving the quality of life, or securing a future?

Join me this June 19 to explore these vital matters of consciousness.  In doing so, we will see how those of us not physically on travel to Damanhur or other such sacred places are just as involved, just as much allies, in the work to expand human consciousness.  

There will be no Fireside Chat in June, 2019


Fireside Chat
Date & Time: Due to Community Members traveling, there will be no Fireside Chat this month


Cost: FREE!

How does your inner dialogue become truly something that is integrated within you? This happens when you engage with others to discuss what you are present to and opened up into from any of our calls these past few months, or experienced in your life during this time.
Join the Advocates of the In Unity with Creation Institute as they lead our discussion.  We continue to deepen what we are present to in 2019 being with others as we unpack what we are opening up into.
It’s a free 90-minute Zoom call.

Bring your warm beverage and settle in for a good chat with fellow seekers who have been weaving the matrices of a new reality!

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