Welcome to Your Journey with The Creation Institute!


“We think it’s the world that gives us what we need. It isn’t the world that gives us what we need. It’s our direct connection to this greater intelligence of which we are a part, and in that direct alignment the “what we need”, our needs get met. It’s not about being able to understand it. It’s about getting to the system of it so that your cravings are met. Restoring your system. That’s what we are doing here. We’re restoring your system so that YOUR intelligence, YOUR mind of creation and YOU can have THE reality that you are, where all your needs are met in your fashion. That’s what a field being, being a field is.”    Tantra Maat

Tantra Maat created the Creation Templates so that we could have what we came here to be, to have and to do.  I spent 60 years of my life searching for such an avenue of access to my larger Being and my larger capabilities.  I studied, practiced and taught through the eastern systems of Taoism and the Hindu Chakra system and the western systems of energy healing and body work.  All of them taught me so much about how my body and my energy field functioned in this world and how I could assist in increasing the flow in my clients and students.  Yet, I still could not access my own unique consciousness and it is through the Creation Templates that I did.

It is through teaching the Language of Creation that I can help our students comprehend that they are unique and essential aspects of Creation.  We give you the tools, and you can create the world that you have wanted for your whole life.  It is for you and for all the children of this earth, that I lead the Creation Institute and teach these courses.

May you find that you love your unique and essential self and you hear what that part of you that has been trying to tell you all your life!   I hope that you use the Creation Exercises to create the new realities that are forming for ourselves, humanity and all on earth.

Elektra Porzel